by Young///Savage

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released October 11, 2011



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Young///Savage Austin, Texas

We play devil music for you. We hope you like.

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Track Name: Gray's Sports Almanac & the Keys to the DeLorean
I'm swimming in bed sheets,
doing my best not to sink into subconsciousness
But there ain't a whole lot going on,
just a mound of dirty laundry, piled to the ceiling
I'm breathing in stale dust and oxygen,
wondering where are all my friends?

And at what point does uncertainty stop and clarity begin?
It's all bullshit

This tongue is ill of excuses and trite conversation
I want to be revived, elated, or inspired
but it's all the same old shit, again and again
Waiting for the sun to set,
praying God don't judge me for my sins

Traveling through time with no stars for guiding light,
Just city smog and dull street signs
My body is a vessel

I'm drowning in this pint glass,
reminding myself time is just a relative concept
By the time this glass is empty,
my love will have all but dried up
A youth measured in toxins draining with my piss
undecided if I believe love still exist
Now I'm tired, my dreams are uninspired
They're just boring recollections
of the day's that I let slip

Traveling through time with no stars for guiding lights,
just city smog and dull street signs
My body is a vessel
Track Name: Across the Sea
I'm a starving child across the sea
Out of sight, out of mind, you will never hear me
I've got a heart like yours thumping inside my chest
and dream in alleyway darkness in pursuit of happiness
I've got a thunder belly full of invisible things
You've got a kitchen pantry full of food that is spoiling

Nowadays, those presidential papers don't mean shit
Your gold standard? It came and went
So you invest and buy up shares as you see fit
But will it be your dignity or your money
that your recklessness will spend?

I am a private school student, I am in grade 3
My momma drives me to school so I arrive safely
I unwrap toys every year next to electric trees
You should come to my birthday party, we invited some ponies!
I don't care where its from, I just expect what I get
I heard my parents yelling once about problems they call debt

I am a ninety year-old man who fought in Normandy
I still have nightmares about cross-hairs keeping track of me.
No love or lust, No wants or needs
The slightest scratch leads to bleeding