New Flesh - EP

by Young///Savage

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released May 26, 2011

Recorded and mixed by Kevin Butler at Test Tube Audio in May of 2011. All songs written and performed by Young///Savage:
Nikolas Stark
Shane Hopper
Adam Brinkley
Fabian Puente



all rights reserved


Young///Savage Austin, Texas

We play devil music for you. We hope you like.

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Track Name: Here Go, Hell Come
I'm a book of fables. I'm the reckless hell you dream of when you sleep. I'm a starving dog with fiery eyes staring at a rotten piece of meat hanging from the bones on the bodies in the streets of dead men that meant nothing to everyone.

Shedding my exoskeleton and exposing the raw and naked truth: Inside were just insects, irrelevant, insisting on some understanding of why we move and breath, but we don't. We just eat, sleep, and die and believe.
Track Name: Go Back to Your Kingdom of Shadows
At my best, I'm full of beer
I'm a fearless wreck, I'm a reckless fool
I'm a drunken jukebox that no one wants to hear

Well, the cards were dealt and you made no move
You just folded out like a coward would
If you don't play the game, son, you may never win

Do you have the capacity to believe in things?
If you don't, then you're nothing
You're a waste of kinetic energy

She's undressed under the sheets
She's the ball and chain when it's time to leave
When she wakes up every time I try to sneak out the goddamn door

You dream for outer space, you'll wake up with headaches
You're reaching for stars and shaking with back pain

It's not having what it takes
It's taking what you've got and making the best of a bad situation

Was I misinformed? Did I stare at the sun too long?
The sun never does discriminate
It never weeps for a coward or a hero
He just keeps burning on
Track Name: The Rawest Nerve
This ain't a book, it's a mirror telling stories
I am no poet, I'm just desperate for attention
Beneath this callous skin I'm really just a raw nerve
Inside me you'll find a need suspiciously familiar

Eyelids shut tight
We see the awful things we think but fear to speak out loud
As if thoughts were sins, and transgressions were dreams we don't allow
When she touches those awkward nerves does it shiver your spine?
Do cringe and wish she didn't or do you like what you find?

I'm not a vandal but an artist who believes in
practical expression. I don't paint pictures, I destroy them
No apologies, your actions write the stories
Live with your decisions. Would you dare to live life boring?

Submerged in apprehension, like a child in the deep end, it's not the water that you fear, it's the comfort that you've been missing.
Perhaps a hypocrite, I'm just a mouth that tries to speak some truth, a maladroit with visions, an assumed liar with something to prove...

I just want to touch something that touches back.
I want to breath where my lungs can expand and retract without being confined to a place and a time.
We were star-crossed lovers with star-crossed eyes
Track Name: 90 Proof Stallion
Two more cans went out the window
“Here’s another one,” she said
We drove hours down dark country roads
while we were drunk as hell,
chasing whiskey with malt liquor
and sins with amphetamines to not pass out
With new crimes for each new state
We’ll never see the jail cells in all the small towns we leave behind

Inspired drunken dreams; familiar faces, slightly older
Bitter grins show our failures and weary spirits
We lost time and youth to indifferent towns

This is me hiding from everything we said we’d never become.
So we drink our beer and sip our wine
With this knife, I’ll cut myself down to size
I’ll cut away this brain and rotten flesh
I’m just a corpse now, I died 6 years ago
I’m walking meat and bone that won’t catch on..

We were crippled at birth when we first fed from our mothers with the oxytocin running through our veins
Track Name: Stagger/Recover
I stagger/recover.
A drink with my brothers.
Will we ever know what glory is?
Will we ever repent for our sins?

I search for the words,
I sever the nerves...
Will I regret when I wake up?
Will I forget and make the same mistakes again?

I never surrender,
I never win either...
I'm in perpetual motion.
Sober or not, here I come.
Am I chasing my tail or chasing the sun?
I want to know what it takes to go home with what we all really want.
Track Name: Cigarette Burns
Cigarette burns on my pearl-snap shirt remind me of cold nights out on the back-porch when the future was so bright, I swear to god, our eyes were glowing. So much can change in the span of three years. We rearrange our lives just to keep moving forward.
I'm making no progress.

In my dreams, I'm just a fly circling your lips
A million lies for compound eyes,
One mangled hypocrite smashed against the wall
I'm not dead yet...

I lost my footing and it knocked me out cold for weeks at a time. I sleep where the sun keeps me warm and at night I lead the streetlight choir singing, "This song is my body, these words are my blood. Drink from this cup, and know what it is to be loved. Then try to forget it."

When you wake up in the morning, convince yourself you've got a reason to get out of bed. Well, you're not dead are you?
You're just waking up and walking out that door,
Trying to convince yourself you know what your really leaving for.