Split w/ Astronomical

by Young///Savage & Astronomical

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Alas! We've joined forces with our New Orleans friends and put together this little banger, which will be available at shows, in the form of a cassette tape.


released July 7, 2013

Side A: Young///Savage
Brinkley, Hopper, Lopez, Stark

Side B: Astronomical
Landry, Quinn, Smith, Cvitanovic



all rights reserved


Young///Savage Austin, Texas

We play devil music for you. We hope you like.

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Track Name: Young///Savage - The City That Sleeps In
And I'll open these eyes to face another heartless day,
that redemptive sun/son, blistering my sins.
What did I do to deserve this?
The city's waking up and cluttering the highways.
The drunks are walking home.
They spent their cab fare on last call.
They'll probably end up calling into work.
Is this the city I once believed in?
I must've been so young...

And If I leave this place, I won't go quiet.
I'll wake the city that sleeps in, I will rattle its bones

So you've found yourself a new scene.
You can change the scenery, it'll never change the rhythm your heart beats.
These haunted city streets will be our gallows.
For the lives we've all abandoned, hang 'em high.
Track Name: Young///Savage - Gulf Of Mexico
I pop pills
to make life easier to deal with.
I pay bills
to ensure I've got a home to sleep in,
but out here
none of that dumb shit can touch me.
It's becoming clear
I'm better off

drifting state to state,
calling strangers' floors my place.
Tomorrow I'll be gone
with a promise to be back someday.

I'm heading east to make my peace
In the Gulf of Mexico,
the girl can't hurt me here.
And if we make it through the night,
I am certain we can make it through the week.
And if I starve to death or drown,
give my body to the sea.

I've got chills,
goosebumps and cheap thrills.
The surreal magnitude of the ocean takes me.
'Cause out here
I'm a message in a bottle.
Empty I am content.
There's nothing left to resent.
Track Name: Young///Savage - Oh, I don't care
You're just barely scratching the surface,
but the itch keeps on getting worse.
You must be some special kind of slothful
to believe you can find yourself in the cushion of a couch,
at the bottom of a bottle, the filth under your fingernails.
A boiling hot bath won't wash off the lazy.

Oh, I don't care. I'll just sit here in my underwear
watching re-runs on my flat-screen television.
Life without conflict or confrontation.

Oh, I don't care.
I don't care.
I don't care.
Track Name: Astronomical - A New Mold
What does this mean? Am I supposed to forget everthing that we both promised. Well, babe we got problems. If things can't change then I'll just move on, and cast a new mold. Refill this hole. Make some new goals. Learn From the old. You've been searching for a reason instead of acting on a feeling. Creating problems that don't exist is fueling your unhappiness. Don't make this hard. We have to play our part. There's been a misinterpretation; you expecting consolation. You tell me I'm a hypocrite when you're just a fucking mess. Don't make this hard. We have to play our part. You said some things that I wish you'd take back. Now you blame me for all of your problems and your lack of progress. You'll never change so I'll just let go, and cast new mold. Refill this hole. Make some new goals. Learn from the old. But I won't forget.
Track Name: Astronomical - Burning Bridges
It's hard to be a better man when you forget what life was like. Old age doesn't mean anything. We have potential to be what we wanna be. I know that you've have tried so hard to provide all that you have for me. It's hard to be a better man when you loose everything that had meaning. Don't give up just cause it's getting hard. Changes come for a reason. In reality we don't loose anything. We just loose ourselves. I saw you fall right to the ground. That was the start of your unhappiness which makes me believe you'll never come back. Sometimes we don't see change is beautiful. It's not time to give up when you have so much life to live. Don't give up.
Track Name: Astronomical - Better Man
Another bridge I've burned. Another friend I've lost. Is it me? My personality? How could you tell what my intentions were when you don't have a clue. How can you tell me what I ought to do when you don't have a clue. I don't wanna try to just be friends. Cause this bridge burned from both ends.